PsychologyGround is a private psychological practice. We offer professional and confidential therapy and counselling for individuals, couples and families.   

Agi Szollos, clinical psychologist, is founder and director of PsychologyGround.


About Agi (Agnes Anna Szollos)



Agi has over 25 years’ experience in psychological therapy and counselling. 

Agi has been in private practice since 1992, working with adults, children and adolescents, dealing with individual, relationship and family problems.  She was Clinic Psychologist and Manager of the Macquarie University Child Anxiety Clinic from its inception under the directorship of Professor Ron Rapee.  Agi has lectured in psychology and ethics at Macquarie University and the Jansen Newman Institute.  She has extensive experience in EAP work dealing with workplace issues and including conflict resolution, trauma debriefing and management consultancy.


Agi is a member of the Clinical College of the
 Australian Psychological Society (APS), and is nationally registered with Clinical Endorsement by the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA).  Agi gained her qualifications at Macquarie University (B.A. Hons., Master of Clinical Psychology).

Agi is accredited to provide psychological therapy and attracts the specialist Medicare rebate for clients who are eligible and who wish to avail themselves of the Government’s Better Access to Allied Health Program.  Health fund rebates are available for those who prefer to attend as private patients and/or who may not be eligible for a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan


Some examples of issues that may lead you to seek psychological therapy or guidance:


·         anxiety (including general, social, or specific)

·         relationship difficulties (even starting a new relationship can be very stressful)

·         need for stress management

·         depression

·         grief (recent or past, unresolved or complicated)

·         loneliness, shyness, isolation

·         workplace and/or personal life stress 

·         relocation due to work or relationship demands

·         need for conflict resolution

·         need for communication/assertiveness skills

·         family difficulties (mild or severe, current or past)

·         parent-child dynamics (any age)

·         a new baby (parents & siblings adjusting; post-natal depression, etc)

·         separation, divorce

·         addictions/substance dependencies/abuse (alcohol, other drugs, cigarettes, food, sex, etc)

·         living with an addictive person

·         illness, physical injury

·         sexual, body image issues

·         eating difficulties

·         low self-esteem

·         workplace bullying/harassment

·         difficulty leaving a controlling or abusive relationship (or legacies of one)

·         past history/experience of abuse or neglect

·         obsessive/compulsive disorder, hoarding disorder, etc

·         a desire for personal growth and self-development

·         concern for someone else


Regardless of the type of issue present or therapy modality used, timely and skilled psychological help and the stability of the therapeutic relationship will frequently uncover people’s desire and capacity to explore their fuller potential, to care for themselves, and to live in greater empathy with themselves and others.


“My combined professional and life experiences make me highly aware of the types of difficulties encountered by people from all walks of life and the impact on their and others’ lives these obstacles to wellbeing can have.   My efforts and professional skill are dedicated toward helping to make a difference and to assist people in developing their greater potential.”




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